Road to Norway

The short story told above can be found on but if you want to find out some more about it, the following posts should serve as a sort of continuadownload-26tion and background of the story, about moving to Norway.

At that time, the certainty of the incident was overwhelming. The main character of the story mentioned above never doubted even for a moment about what he has just done. He did not think about the possibility that he had simply run over a log, and he certainly did not suspect that his little cousin was actually safe and sound napping inside the house. It was all so real, so about 10 seconds, he lived knowing what it is like to kill a child.

He wished for his father to end his life right then and there, although he would not have to. He thought to himself in these words, “I hope her father’s desperation and rage is so great that he beats me to death and does not give me the option of having to kill myself tonight, with my own hands; because I’m a coward and could never do that, for I would instead do the most dishonest and lowest thing a man with no honor and no courage could do: I would simply run away to settle in Norway”. Under those ten seconds, he realized that his good life would come to an end.

He was young, happy, moderately successful, had a good job, good salary, an interesting social life and lived in a fine house in an excellent neighborhood and had a whole lifetime ahead of him. In spite of this, he killed his two year old cousin. At that very moment, all the lights in all the rooms of all the houses where he could have been happy in the future, simply went out.

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