Black Metle; A Personal Blog is the blog of a person who likes to ski, and accidentally killed his two year old cousin as a child. He writes ski reviews and personal pieces. Some of his blog posts are as follows, from most recent to least recent as can be found in sites like and others.

  • Try Skiing at Norefjell. In this post he gives Norefjell ski resort a strong review. He describes the facilities amenities, attractions, entertainment, restaurants and more.
  • Move to Norway. The author writes about a personal experience when he accidentally killed his two year old cousin by backing over her in his car. He could not see her in the rear-view mirrors. He expresses extreme distress and tells us it was the moment his life ended.
  • Road to Norway. The author writes more background information about the previous story and expresses that he had wished his uncle rage was so intense that he beat him to death. Now he is writing in the third person so it seems as though this story could be a fictional narrative.
  • Search Engines in Tomoso, Norway. This post expresses the psychological, social, physical and emotional effects the death of his two year old cousin had on him. He had to summon his inner “search engine” to look for answers to questions he could not solve.
  • Unwind in Style at Saarisekla. Another ski resort review, this author articulately describes the comforts and luxuries, hills and lifts and skiing season to his readers.
  • Norwegian Wood and the Nobel Prize. The author discusses the origins of the term “Norwegian wood” and tells about how it was first coined in a popular Beatles album, Rubber Soul, released in 1965.
  • Chamonix: Where Mountaineering and Snow Sports Meet The Capital of Mountain Skiing. The author reviews this ski resort and discusses some of its challenges, including the intensity and difficulty of its slopes.